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An Idea is Born

The ancient Art of Mosaics goes back centuries...  And, they're as fun to make and beautiful to look at as they were all those years ago.

Kids love to play and create with our bright, sparkly & sometimes glittery tesserae.  You never know what we'll make each session...  Wall plaques, mirror frames, lazy susans and even bird baths have been created in our ARTrageous ARTventure classes!

All you need is a substrate (shape), some tiles and some imagination!  We like to spice it up by using resin over the tiles instead of grout.  It's cleaner and lighter weight.  And, that's handy when you're hanging Art on the wall!

Mosaics as Auction Projects

This is the top of a bird bath kids made for their school auction.  It was a big project -- large bath area and a large podium.  We paired it with jumbo-sized terra cotta pots that had been painted by the students.

In addition to school auctions, bigger mosaic projects are great as  school "gifts" -- like when the oldest kids graduate and leave behind something nice for future generations to admire.  Mosaic benches, garbage cans, chairs, rain barrels, etc., are all wonderful ways to enliven a campus and leave your mark as the graduating class.