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Northern Virginia's only fully MOBILE Fired Arts studio for kids!


Who We Are!

***NOTE: All works of Art featured thruout this site were made by our students -- aged 4-13***

We've tootled around Northern Virginia working with thousands of area kids since 2005.  

How many glorious masterpieces have we had the priviledge of helping come to life?!...  While we can't give you a hard number, we do know that, between our enrichment classes, specialty camps, 1-day skool visits, birthday parties & church functions...  We've fired at least 50,000 pottery pieces & 10,000 glass dishes & helped with almost as many canvases, Mosaics, watercolors, clay sculptures, collages & more!

Through it all, Ms. Val & Kate have laughed more, played harder & sent their imaginations higher than any other time in their lives.

Prior to getting creative with area kids, Ms. Val directed national public relations campaigns when she lived in NYC & DC.  Kate, as luck would have it, has been helping her Mom with Pottery Playground since she was 4!  

Our students rely on Kate & look up her to like the "big sis" she is to everyone.

We LOVE our job & wouldn't change a thing!